ShareLingo is committed to education.

Schools, especially K-12, have a growing need for language exchange.

ShareLingo Is Committed To Helping Teachers

Close The Achievement Gap!

We would like to offer you and your school a short course to help you improve parental communication and engagement.  

It includes basic materials plus the core principals of the ShareLingo model.

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We can tailor a program specifically to address this problem in your school or district!

As a teacher, you can relate to the disparity of educational measures between the performance of minority students and their Caucasian peers. 
The Achievement Gap can be observed in everything from standardized test scores, GPA, dropout  to college enrollment and socioeconomic standing.

Research shows that this achievement gap is directly influenced by the literacy gap (Barone, 2006)... which affects students' ability to access core education materials and even communicate effectively.


Students who attend school speaking a different language or not understanding the 'academic language' of school struggle to meet literacy requirements, and often feel overwhelmed in the classroom.

ShareLingo for Non-Profits

We work with Churches, Non-Profits, Mission Volunteers, Charities, Social Organizations, and much more!

ShareLingo is proud to support organizations that foster cultural inclusion and respect for diverse races, genders, religions, countries of origin and sexual orientation.

If your non-profit organization works with the Anglo and/or Latino communities, your staff or customers could benefit from participation in a ShareLingo class! 

There are many ways we can help you achieve your goals. We offer discounts, subsidies, and even sponsorships! 


Ask about our revenue sharing model in which 
your organization can implement a “Social Enterprise” model without any startup costs!

ShareLingo is proud to support the Social Enterprise Alliance

Sponsor a ShareLingo group for a Non-Profit.

If your business regularly supports non-profit (or even if you are just thinking about supporting a cause) The ShareLingo Project can match you up with an organization in your community that is helping to link the Anglo and Latino communities.


This opportunity isn’t just about a tax write off either!


When you help individuals, real people, improve themselves by understanding a new language, you are also helping their families, their employers, the community, and our society as a whole.

Get Beyond Words Today!


A Radically Simple Solution to Unify Communities, Strengthen Businesses, and Connect Cultures Through Language

Learn about ShareLingo’s proven Model, Method, and Materials that eliminate barriers between English and Spanish speakers in Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Construction, and many more areas of our community.

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