The ShareLingo Method

The ShareLingo concept is actually simple. To learn an language, you need TWO components: Foundation and practice.  For the foundations (vocabulary and grammar), there are hundreds of options. University/College, Language schools, books, CDs, and even online. But if you want to learn how to swim, you have to get wet! So, where do you PRACTICE your new language?  Well – At The ShareLingo Project, of course! We help English learners meet with Spanish learners.

In our live groups, we provide a facilitator, and the groups are kept SMALL so that everyone can really engage with all of the other participants and become friends. And we are about to release a new downloadable program (that still centers around face-to-face meetings) that will help you practice efficiently with a Spanish speaking partner (yes, we will even help you meet that practice partner.)

Each two hour meeting, led by the facilitator, is broken up into 3  parts.

  • For the first 30 minutes, we meet as a group.
    • We go over homework.
    • We learn about each other’s lives with simple conversation (How was your weekend?)
    • We introduce new vocabulary for this week’s lesson.
  • For the next 60 minutes, we break into one-on-one pairs.
    • This time is similar to having a private tutor.
    • Each pair uses ShareLingo provided materials to develop listening, reading, pronunciation, and conversation skills.
    • The pairs follow a proven proprietary METHOD that has been developed specifically to help them work together.
  • For the last 30 minutes, the group comes back together, where:
    • The group reviews any difficult words, phrases, or concepts.
    • This is usually a very fun and exciting part of the process, as lots of interesting tangents are explored.

Between meetings, the students may work with each other via telephone (or skype, if available) to reinforce the practice sessions.


It’s That Simple!

How Do I Start?

Before you can start ShareLingo, we first need to determine which level you are starting with.

ShareLingo currently offers the following levels:

Beginner – Basic 0 – Never Ever

Beginner, or Basic 0, starts from scratch – the alphabet (and pronunciation), numbers, colors, etc to build your basic first vocabulary.  From there you and your partner work with very simple question and answer structures in the first and second person (I and you).  How are you? I am fine.

Basic 1

Your experience is minimal. Maybe you had a few classes in high school, or you’ve started with online courses and know the alphabet and numbers, for example. In basic 1, we focus on greetings, getting to know your partner (Where are you from?) and very basic daily expressions as well as simple phrases. You will be able to introduce yourself and others, ask for and give basic personal information such as your address, talk about your belongings, and about the people you know. You will communicate with others, as long as the other person speaks clearly and slowly.

Basic 2

Basic 2 continues with conversations in the present tense. “I like football”, “I am hungry”.  You are able to comprehend phrases and expressions of frequent use related to areas of experience. You can have a conversation around topics such as your personal information and your family, make purchases, talk about your hobbies, and occupation.

You know how to communicate when doing simple tasks, asking for guidance, support, and directions. You can describe aspects about your past and your environment in simple ways, as well as things related to your immediate needs such as asking for the restroom, buying food, etc.

Intermediate 1

You are able to read and comprehend simple texts written in standard vocabulary, especially if they are about known experiences, hobbies, work, or school. You can communicate during most situations while traveling in places where the first language is Spanish. You can describe situations, wishes, aspirations, make a point and share your ideas, plans, and opinions. And you will begin to use past and future tenses. “Yesterday, I WENT to the beach.”

Intermediate 2

You are able to comprehend ideas from complex text such as abstracts related to your specific area. You can communicate naturally with native speakers without struggling, and without translating every word or phrase from your primary language, provided you know the vocabulary.

Advanced 1

You are able to read and comprehend an extensive variety of texts and recognize complex information. You are able to communicate fluently and spontaneously without struggling when looking for the appropriate expression. You can easily and effectively participate in social, academic, and professional conversations and you can identify double meanings (subtexts).

Advanced 2

You are able to easily comprehend almost everything you hear and read. You can re-create information and arguments from diverse sources, either written or spoken. You can present and deliver complex information in a brief summary. You can communicate fluently and spontaneously and with great precision that allow you to differentiate small shades of meaning even in complex situations.

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