You CAN speak Spanish!   Come to ShareLingo and PRACTICE !

What IS The ShareLingo Project?

  • A Social Enterprise that brings English and Spanish speakers together to practice language and share culture
  • We help Businesses improve efficiency and loyalty by helping English and Spanish speakers communicate
  • We help Schools with Parental Engagement to reduce the Achievement Gap
  • We help Non-Profits that work with Latinos to advance their missions.
  • And through iShareLingo, we help individuals FIND and PRACTICE WITH native speakers.
  • Learn vocabulary from native Spanish speakers
  • Improve pronunciation through immediate positive feedback
  • Learn words and grammar in natural conversation
  • Read, write, and speak in Spanish
  • Practice one-on-one
  • Work with useful materials
  • Never be confused, because real people can help and explain

We bring native English and Spanish speakers together for guided face to face learning and practice.

You need to speak Spanish – right?

  • To be better at your job
  • To get a better job
  • To travel
  • To talk to your neighbors
  • To make new friends – dating???

Maybe you’ve tried “everything” – high school, university, computer, tapes, CDs…  But have you ever had an opportunity to practice? Or are you afraid to approach a native Spanish speaker to practice with?

Have you ever mapped out a path for accomplishing your goal? Or are you “winging it” and “wishing” that you spoke Spanish?

Are you one of those people that “tried” to learn Spanish – and FAILED. You’re not alone. But the problem wasn’t that you CAN’T learn. You CAN. If you can learn a new word in English, you can learn a new word in Spanish. It’s the same part of the brain. The secret is – you have to PRACTICE! If you want to learn to swim, you have to get wet.

But WHO can you practice with? And WHAT will you practice?

There are literally millions of Spanish speakers in this country that are desperate to practice English –

We’ll help you actually SPEAK Spanish in a way you’ve never experienced before: with real people (what a concept)  – without stress, anxiety or fear.

We create English/Spanish small groups with a bilingual facilitator, custom materials, and a free online account with additional materials for each participant; all at a very low price. Even if you’re already taking classes or working with books or a computer (that’s great!), at some point you need to practice with real people!

And we can help you create a path to success.  When to practice, and what to practice…

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The ShareLingo difference:

Practice with a Person!  ShareLingo is about speaking, and connecting, and sharing. At ShareLingo, we are passionate about connecting people, no matter your race/culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, profession, etc. and we are creating a social movement around this cause. One of the key factors that keeps people apart (speaking a different language) can bring people together (LEARNING another’s language). We connect REAL people, face to face, to share each other’s languages and cultures.

Everyone on our team, from the founders to the facilitators and even the participants, are catalysts in, and committed to, the belief that it is possible for all people to unite.  There is no other language program that offers this method, or promotes these values, in the way that The ShareLingo Project does.

Join us!  Come – Practice with a Person.  Because BILINGUAL is the new COOL.

ShareLingo is a Social Enterprise

ShareLingo is proud to support the Social Enterprise Alliance

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ShareLingo has programs for EVERYONE!



You can always benefit by being bilingual. Traveling can be easier, you can improve your job skills, and you can build meaningful relationships with people from different cultures. We’re offering immersion-style Spanish classes in Denver for individuals like you!

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Your business will prosper by linking your staff and customers with each other to improve communication, reduce staff turnover and increase customer satisfaction. Increase cultural awareness and diversity in the workplace through our language exchange program!

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YMCA ShareLingo

Non-Profits & Schools

The ShareLingo Project is a social enterprise based in Colorado and we love helping unite communities through language sharing. If your organization is looking for a way to unite people while furthering its mission, we can customize a program for you.

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Our Favorite Stories

Hi Jacque – I just wanted to share with you that we had our first session on Monday, 9/22. From the KPIF team perspective we loved it! With AEP closing in on us and so much to do, the team and I are strapped for time. I asked them if they felt it was a worthwhile time investment to have them out of the field and I received a unanimous YES. They are all looking forward to the next session. Thank you for setting us up for the KPIF team.
Sheryl B., Kaiser Permanente
I really like ShareLingo classes because I work with a different person each week, so I get to practice with people who are at different levels, and who have different accents. It’s the only class I’ve ever seen like this!
Roberto, FirstBank

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