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For Businesses and Individuals

our customers say it best:
  • Hi Jacque - I just wanted to share with you that we had our first session on Monday, 9/22.  From the KPIF team perspective we loved it!  With AEP closing in on us and so much to do, the team and I are strapped for time.  I asked them if they felt it was a worthwhile time investment to have them out of the field and I received a unanimous YES. They are all looking forward to the next session.  Thank you for setting us up for the KPIF team.–Sheryl B. - Kaiser Permanente

  • Great learning environment for developing foreign language skills. I first studied Spanish using the Pimsleur program, it was great for learning some basic Spanish conversation, I have also taken courses at Colorado Free University as well as week long courses at language schools in Costa Rica and Bogota, Colombia. From my experience ShareLingo is about as close to attending a language school in a foreign country as anything I have experienced in my local community. Two thumbs up!–Brian L - Individual

  • I really like ShareLingo classes because I work with a different person each week, so I get to practice with people who are at different levels, and who have different accents. It's the only class I've ever seen like this!–Roberto - FirstBank

  • The guys are getting along much better, and I have seen my employees' attitudes shift towards me. We laugh when I make mistakes and I recognize this makes me look more vulnerable and personable. Jeff and I feel that even if that's all we get out of the class, that is money well spent.–James - Future Foam

Why ShareLingo?:
  • Does your company have English and Spanish speaking staff or customers?

    • Improve your profits with ShareLingo’s in-house cultural and language training

  • Are you an individual trying to find native Spanish speakers to practice with?

    • Add a language to your resume and understand the Hispanic market

  • What do you do after Community College, University, Rosetta Stone®, Pimsleur®, or whatever method you are using now?

    • ShareLingo classes help you gain confidence by practicing face to face with native speakers


The ShareLingo Project’s mission is to connect people from different cultures.
The ShareLingo Project’s method uses a new and exciting language exchange model.

It seems so simple and obvious – real people, getting together face to face, to learn from each other. If you want to learn to ride a bike, you have to get on a bike. If you want to speak another language, you have to practice speaking that language!

You need to connect with Native Spanish Speakers for Spanish Conversation Practice, and we have good news. They are looking for you too!  And ShareLingo is ready to help you meet them them!

The ShareLingo Method is much much more than just a simple meetup group, or “Intercambio”.

Those options are good, but in a ShareLingo class the participants (5 English Learners and 5 Spanish Learners) meet together with a bilingual facilitator for guided conversation practice.   We provide well thought out materials in three levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) that help you keep the conversations going, and we also encourage everyone to talk about topics that interest them.

Join our Team

ShareLingo is the only Spanish Conversation Program that takes this approach.  It’s a brand new model that is helping businesses connect their English and Spanish speaking staff and clients, and also helping individuals (nurses, police, lawyers, volunteers, etc.) A big part of each class involves individual pairs (one English Learner with one Spanish Learner) that use our method and materials to help each other face-to-face.  It’s like having a private tutor – but at a REALLY low cost. Our method exercises your mind in a way that no other language program can. Because you spend part of your time as “student”, and part of your time as “teacher”, the materials make more sense, and are easier to remember, than in a normal language class. And you NEVER GET BORED OR EMBARRASSED because the person you are helping is just like you.

The classes are FUN – They are social events that students just don’t want to end.  Some classes include cooking, or salsa dancing, or singing. It’s up to the students as much as the facilitators – but bilingual materials are always prepared and provided – (so with singing, for example, song texts will be provided in both English and Spanish.)

If you’re ready to connect your staff and customers, or you’re ready to take your Spanish Learning to the next level, contact us, or join a class today!

Because classes are small (just 10 people) they can be held almost anywhere. For businesses, we conduct the classes in-house. For individuals, we provide the classes in the communities where they are needed, not in some central school or office. So, if we don’t have a class beginning in a location near you, please contact us and help us get a ShareLingo class started in your neighborhood!

ShareLingo is a proud member of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Denver

ShareLingo is a proud member of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Denver

ShareLingo Classes are Fun

The ShareLingo Project 

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